Nike Halloween Limited Edition: Nike Air Max 95

Nike Halloween Limited Edition: Nike Air Max 95

With Halloween being so big in the States, we weren’t surprised to stumble on news of a rumoured limited edition Nike Halloween drop. Come on, think about it, the dark and twisted blood, guts and gore synonymous with Halloween provides a fertile deathplayground for a sneaker concept! 


Well, the rumour has is it that Nike has revisited the 90s to drop a Freddy Krueger-inspired Nike Air Max 95, which features an appropriate deep red colour scheme and graphic elements that allude to Freddy’s torn sweater from the Nightmare on Elm Street films.  

A horror-inspired sneaker might not be everyone’s thing, but we like that the big brands seem to be having some fun rather than taking themselves too seriously.

Sadly, we doubt these limited edition Nike Air Max 95s will be available in Mzansi, but if you’re a fan of Nike, shop The Cross Trainer’s Nike range here.

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